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Nittoor Software Research is a software company focused on improving the wireless signal end user experience by developing a series of innovative products starting with CheckmySignal mobile app and Pragyanam intelligent Wi-Fi.


Vivek S. Nittoor is Founder of Nittoor Software Research. His areas of technical experience include embedded software, high performance computing (HPC), high level Mathematical models, graph theory, cryptography and digital signal processing, audio, video and image processing. He has held engineering management positions at ARM and SANYO, and prior to that has held technical positions at Sasken, Texas Instruments and Bharat Electronics. He has also spent some years at the University of Tokyo, Japan pursuing research on graph theory and HPC. He has a lot of experience with High Performance Computing (HPC) programming on various supercomputers and parallel computers, and is also familiar with trends in AI and machine learning. Vivek holds a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and MS from Birla Institute of Technology & Science in Electronics & Control. Vivek currently has one granted US patent and several patents pending.

Advisory Board

Prithvi Banerjee


Prithvi is a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts and a member of the Advisory Board of Nittoor Software Research. He has founded two startups. He is currently the head of strategy (US Information Technology) at National Grid, World’s third largest utility company where he is responsible for multi billion dollar strategic investment plans. He holds a B. Tech in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology BHU, Varanasi and a Masters in Engineering & Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is also an author with several published books and with more books in the pipeline.

Prashant Ketkar

Prashant an experienced product leader with several decades of experience leading product organizations large and small at start-ups and large enterprise software organizations is a member of the Advisory Board of Nittoor Software Research.

From 2008 to 2012 he was one of the early product leaders on the Microsoft Azure initiative and helped shepherd the product from preview to the fastest growing product business at Microsoft. Subsequently as a VP he led Oracle’s product investments into the public cloud platform and infrastructure area. At Oracle he built and led 1000+ product organization. He also led product at a SaaS security start-up and helped it grow from 20 customers to 250 customers that led to a successful acquisition by Palo Alto Networks for 300+ million in 2018. Prashant lives in the Seattle area and when not building products loves biking and playing cricket.

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